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An RCD installation is an important part of the safety of your home or workplace.

Since 2009 at least two safety switches (RCD) are required to be installed at each domestic residence being leased or prior to being sold; one RCD for power and one RCD for lighting; This is dependant on the size of your installation and more than one RCD may be desired as then if there is a fault on one circuit, the whole house is not affected.

These are designed to be a 24-hour, 7-day protection device, installed in your switchboard that will disconnect your power points, light fittings or any item plugged in to your power when there is a fault or something happens to your appliance. This could save yours or a member of your family’s life in a life-threatening situation.

LS Power can have an electrician perform an RCD installation at your home in usually under one hour, this is dependant on the existing wiring and type of switchboard you have.

For a relatively small investment, you will receive a piece of mind that money can’t buy. Please contact us now to find out more information.

Testing of your RCD installation can be performed by yourself by pushing the test button on the RCD in your switchboard. This test only tests the RCD itself and does not ensure that the wiring in your home is compliant and additional tests should be performed by an electrician.

LS Power can provide a test of your RCD installation for a small cost after which we will provide you with a test report to assure you that your RCD installation is functioning correctly.

Download a guide on how to self-test your RCD’s that may already be installed in your home.
(something that should be done once a year).

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