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If you have a fault with your electrical installation or it has been damaged from storms or other accident, LS Power can respond quickly to your emergency. It could be as simple as making the damaged part of the installation safe so you can have power back on whilst you ascertain what needs to be done to the damaged section.

Some things to look for to identify items that might need repairs:


  • Overloaded power points.

Check for blackening or melting at the point where the plug enters the power point; an overloaded power point will also be causing problems with your wires in the wall and ceiling so it needs to be rectified immediately.

  • Damaged switches.

That switch that is a little ‘dodgy’ and doesn’t operate smoothly or is on a funny angle. This will become a dangerous situation quickly as once the switch has fallen off, you will have exposed parts that could risk electrocution.

  • Damaged mounting.

That power point, switch or other electrical item that is wobbly on the wall could potentially be a hazard waiting to happen. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

  • Tripping circuit breakers, fuses or RCD’s.

These items are there to protect you and if they are tripping they are saying there is a problem that you need to have looked at. LS Power can come and inspect these circuits for faults and rectify quickly so you are safe again.

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