In older homes or commercial premises there may be old wiring that is no longer up to Australian Standards; if you own a home that is of significant age, LS Power can inspect your home and advise what needs to be done to bring it back up to standard. Even though the sub-standard section might not be causing problems you can see, there may be a dangerous situation building in your roof space that needs attention.

LS Power can organise for a full rewire of your home and will co-ordinate everything that is required with Western Power to ensure that the down time is minimal and impact to your life is reduced.

Whilst you are having the rewire performed, now might be the time to have a think about some additional things that could be done that you have been putting off for some time. Things like:

  • In ceiling sound

We can install and wire speakers to your home that will blend with the ceiling and provide whole of house audio that is controlled from one central location.

  • Home automation

From a simple switch that controls multiple items at once to a complete home automation installation that includes data and internet, a central location for a home server, LS Power can help with the design and installation.

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