New Power Points

Everyone would like more power points in their home or business. Whether it is changing a single power point to a double, or wiring new power points to where you really need them, we will ensure that you are never looking for that extension lead, double adaptor or power board again.

Some things to consider before calling an electrician to install these points are:

  • Is the power point I need on an external or internal wall?

This makes a huge difference to the installation. If the point is needed on an internal wall then you may need to cut a channel in the wall to install the cable.

  • Is there a power point on the other side of the wall to where I want the new one?

You may be lucky enough to have LS Power drill through the wall into the existing power point for easy installation.

  • How many outlets do I need?

Do you know you can buy a 4 outlet power point? This will potentially reduce the number of power boards you need to use, particularly behind a TV or in your kitchen.

In your business, perhaps a pendant outlet or ‘space pole’ would be ideal for your needs? These can be relatively easy to install (dependent on your premises) and can save you needing to have an extension lead running across a floor.

If you need more power outlets then give LS Power a call or drop us a line and we can assist with your new plan.

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