Lighting Design & Installation

LS Power can help you with a new design for lighting in your home, office or workplace. Did you know that there are minimum lighting levels depending on what task you or your personnel are performing? We can provide an audit to ensure your business is up to standard and provide recommendations to what you can install to assist.

If you are looking for a new lighting layout in your home, we can help with advice on what to think about for your new installation. If you have already purchased these lights then LS Power can install them for you no problems at all. Some things to consider when designing your own lighting layout:

  • Floor Lamps

These type of lamps can be incorporated into your lighting even though they plug into a power point. LS Power can install special power points that will be controlled by your light switch, this will add a new dimension to your lighting.

  • Downlights

One of the simplest and sleekest light fittings available on the market. The best way to utilise these types of light is to use them for task lighting. In other words, look to use these to highlight a painting or picture on a wall or a side table in the room. It will be far more effective if these lights are used in this way.

  • Energy efficient lights

LED has come leaps and bounds and there are now a huge range of LED lights that will look beautiful incorporated in your new installation and will save you energy as well.

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