Rental Property Maintenance

If you are a commercial or residential property manager, LS Power understands that your loyalty is split between your landlords and your tenants. Whilst you are endeavoring to save money for your landlords, you must provide a safe and well-maintained property for your tenants.

You may have an electrical contractor already servicing your properties but are they keeping you informed as to what has occurred at the property once the work is completed, or are you just receiving an invoice that you now have to pass onto the landlord with no information.

LS Power will be responsive to all your requirements ensuring that not only are we providing quality products, but also well presented and professional tradespeople to complete your jobs. There is a difference between a tradesperson who is trained in construction and one that is experienced and passionate about maintenance, rest assured that once the work order has been given to us the next you will hear about it will be the solution.

From quick rectification of minor faults to regular maintenance of the installation we will ensure that you keep your portfolio of properties well maintained and up to standard for both your landlords and tenants.

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