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NBN – How does it work?

NBN – How does it work?

Ok, so we’ve all heard the news reports and seen the junk mail that gets delivered about this NBN that is being rolled out across Australia…all it appears to be is a politician’s best election campaign subject doesn’t it? I mean who actually has the NBN? How much quicker is it and do I need the speed? Who is going to install it and how does it all work? “All these questions! It all seems to hard, I’m going to have a cup of tea instead…” I hear you say. Well read on and we’ll try to answer some of these questions and how LS Power can help.

What is the NBN?

The NBN, or National Broadband Network, is the way in which we are going to have our telephones and internet delivered to our homes and workplaces. The NBN is a new fibre optic cable network (for the most part) that will replace the old copper cables that were installed and maintained by Telstra (or Telecom for those that are old enough). These new fibre optic cables will be run throughout the existing network of pits and conduits and will finally be run to our home or office and will be terminated at a small enclosure (or box) on the outside of our building generally.

The company (NBN Co) will stop there and will not be running the cable into the home, this needs to be done by someone else; this is where companies like Telstra or Westnet (or any other telephone or internet provider) steps in. Once the NBN Co has completed their installation and advised you that you may now connect, you will need to speak with your preferred provider to do the rest.

What does the provider do?

Your preferred provider will then organise a time and date for them to run a cable from the enclosure on the outside to a location on the inside of your home. In general, this service should be provided for free to you (as long as you sign up with them for a period of time). What you will then have is another box (or two) on the inside of your home. This is what you will connect your telephone or WIFI modem to in order to get your internet and/or phone on in your home. With me so far?

What does the installation look like?

One catch…this new box is large. The measurements of the NBN box is 233mm x 195mm x 35mm deep; the power supply box is 217mm x 179mm x 78mm deep! They both need to be mounted on a wall with a powerpoint nearby…so imagine this; you have your telephone point near the bench in your kitchen and your phone is mounted on the wall nice and neat, small and available. Do you want to have these boxes installed there? No way! Well the good news is you don’t have to, you can have this installed where ever you like (within reason). You might want to have it installed in a cupboard or garage etc. this should be fine.

I have installed it in the garage, now what?

This is where LS Power comes in, if you have decided to have these boxes installed somewhere out of the way (and why wouldn’t you) you are now left with the fact that none of your old phone points are working. This is because the phone line and internet are now delivered to this new box sitting nicely out of the way in your garage.

LS Power can now run new cables from this point in your garage to any location in your home that you wish to have your phone/s or internet. We can also provide the powerpoint that will be required in your garage to run your new NBN box.

Is there anything else?

Visit our telephones and data page at the link below to enquire about how we can help



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